• National Quality Supervision and Testing Centre of Plastic Product   
  • Scientific and technological achievements detection and identification of Science and Technology of national testing organization.   
  • Pressure piping components manufacturer type permit inspection agency designated of buried polyethylene gas pipes, fittings, valves and mixing ingredients.   
  • Non-metallic corrosion resistant pressure pipe manufacturing license type test of designated and investigated agencies.   
  • Polyethylene gas pipe welder training examination organizations.   
  • Production license issuing inspection designated agency of plastic food packaging materials and paper packaging materials.   
  • Comparison test and the corresponding quality safety rating evaluate agencies of Plastic food containers, tools and other products and paper packaging materials.   
  • Production license issuing inspection designated agency of waterproofing membrane, special labor protection supplies, dangerous chemical coatings, sulfuric acid, dishwashing detergents, fertilizers and other products.   
  • Solvent-based coatings Compulsory Certification(CCC) unit of the designated test.   
  • Environmental labeling certification(10 Central Authentication) contract laboratory.   
  • Xinhua water-saving product certification contract laboratory.   
  • Fujian drug packaging materials, container products quality inspection station.

  • Construction plastic pipe and composite pipe: drainage UPV pipe, PPR pipe, PEX pipe, PE water pipe, PE-RT pipe, aluminum plastic composite pipe, steel-plastic composite pipe, plastic coated steel pipe, etc   
  • Municipal engineering plastic pipe: PE gas pipe, silicon core pipe, large diameter winding pipe, corrugated pipe, buried sewage pipes, posts and telecommunications pipes, drainage FRP pipe, etc.   
  • Building decoration materials: plastic profiles, doors, windows, plates, wallpaper, foam insulation, waterproof membrane, waterproof coating, building interior and exterior paints, coatings, adhesives, putty powder, etc.   
  • Plastic packaging materials: plastic food packaging materials, plastic drums, plastic bags, compound bages,etc.   
  • Geosynthetics: geogrid, geomembrane, geotextile, etc.   
  • Variety of other plastic products: daily plastic products, automotive plastic products, etc.   
  • Paper packaging and containers and other products: food paper, paper cups, etc.   
  • Special labor protection supplies: safety net, etc.   
  • Agricultural products: agricultural film, pesticides, fertilizers, etc.   
  • Chemical Products: detergent, industrial coatings, chemical reagents, gasoline and diesel, chemicals, etc.   
  • Footwear and leather products: shoes, casual shoes, leather, floor covering, etc.

  • Various kinds of products commissioned tests.   
  • Polyethylene gas pipes, valves and materials type test.   
  • Non-metallic corrosion resistant pressure pipe type test and investigated.   
  • Polyethylene gas pipe welder training.   
  • Industrial product license issued testing.   
  • Plastic food packaging materials, paper packaging, dishwashing detergent and other food-related products production license certification test, key controls test, comparison test and safety evaluation.   
  • Consultation and revision of product standards.   
  • Personnel training, testing equipment selection and establishment of laboratory.   
  • Inspection techniques and methods research.   
  • Construction materials acceptance inspection, witness inspection.

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